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Hands and Feet

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Hands and Feet      by: erbiecastle 02/18/13

hich is more important..... your Hands or your Feet?  I think both is important as well as taking care of it and a good and proper grooming.  As much as possible have it clean, manicure and pedicure once a week for your hands and feet and a foot scrub twice weekly.  If you can visit a salon regularly.  Otherwise, just continue clipping the nails once a week and treat both hands and feet to a moisturizing cream or lotion.

    The keratin plates which grow on the ends of fingers and toes are called nails.  Brittle nails can break or split due to a poor diet, stress, or allergy (to nail polish).  There is a way of strengthening nails in view of old remedies that do not work (such as gelatin, minerals, and nail-strengtheners).  One must simply tap the fingers.  The nail bed is stimulated and depends itself by thickening.  Fingernails grow faster than toenails, almost twice as fast.  Nails also grow faste in warm weather.  And the nails on the third finger grow faster than the thumb nail.

    Constant polishing can cause yellowness to the nails.  The remedy is to rest from any color polishing for at least two to three weeks.  There are also a yellow-nail revitalizers available in the department stores.

    Dirty hands are great sources of infection.  Sadly, most people do not wash their hands thoroughly and long enough.  you should wash your hands at least six times a day or as often as you can.  A fun tip: Wash your hands as long as it takes you to sing "Happy Birthday" or roughly 15 seconds or more.

Foor Scrub -- With a pumice stone or sponge, scrub the soles of your feet weekly.  You can buy supplies at the nearest beauty center or department stores.

Castor Oil or Lite Olice Oil -- Spread over hands and feet.  Sleep with gloves and socks.  next morning, your skin will be extra smooth.

Keeping your Feet Fit -- Our feet bear the full brunt of our body weights as well as all activity we do each day.

Preventive Care

  • Raise your feet at least one to two feet above the horizon as you lie flat on your back.  At the end of the day, your feet deserved a rest.  Try raising your feet after every heavy workout in the gym.

  • While seated, rotate your feet full circle three to five times.  This eases the tightness.

  • Soak baths with hot water and salt are great foot relievers.

  • Wear comfortable shoes.  Don't be a fashion victim -- comfort should not be compromised for style.

  • Walk barefoot in the sand.  This gives your aches and toes a good workout.

Corns -- Caused by cramped toes due to ill-fitting footwear.  Soak your feet in water daily until the corn softens.  Rub everyday with a pumice stone.  Do not slice it off with blade.

Ingrown Toenails -- A good manicure can remove the offender.  Infected ingrown toenails will require the application of an antibiotic cream.

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