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Windows to your Advantage

Published by erbiecastle in General · 25/7/2014 17:48:46
Tags: windowsofficeworkspace

If you are fortunate to have a window in your office/ cubicle or workstation, good for you.  But a window can both cause problems and be an asset.

The Problem

    Windows can be a distracter.  Trapped inside on a beautiful sunny day so evident outside your window, it's easy to look and daydream, thinking about the coming weekend or what you'll going to BBQ tonight on the grill.  You've just killed five minutes or more.

    Instead, face your primary workspace adjacent to the window.  It's still there for good, natural light, but is no so easily distracting

The Asset

    If you want to discourage visitors from sticking around, put yourself in front of a bright window with no shades.  With the window behind you, you will be difficult to see in the office or cubicle and the light will be uncomfortable for the visitor.  Visitors tend to stay shorter periods when they have to squint to see you.

Well, if you don't have a window...... Sorry for that.

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