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The Power of Touch

Published by erbiecastle in Health · 18/11/2014 19:18:24
Tags: touchreflexologyaromatherapyshiatsu

    One must never underestimate the power of touch.  Newly-born infants are instantly calmed by their mother's touch.  A depressed individual is comforted by a friend's hug.  A person in tears can and will stop crying upon touching the ready shoulder of a caring person.

    Touching is the most basic means of communicating.  It should be used more often to heal the tired, sick, and unhappy.

   The science of touch evolved with the beginnings of massage.  Once fingertips touch a person, a chemistry of energy occurs.  The energy or force moves towards the person being touched.  This explains why you must be very careful in choosing a masseuse or masseur.  Sometimes you may absorb the negative energies of a person if you do not shield yourself against the wrong person.  Always choose someone you like and trust, and who can reciprocate that feeling.

  More than a science, massage is also an art.  And with the help of essential oils, massage can be a relaxing and healing experience.  There are many forms of massage from Oriental such as Shiatsu and Reflexology, to the Swiss Aromatherapy.  Personally, I prefer aromatherapy because it is both sensual and a "scentual" experience.  The end result is total relaxation and a general feeling of well-being.


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