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You and your Success

Published by erbiecastle in management · 14/9/2014 17:25:59
Tags: success

    "Those who do nothing never do anything wrong.  Of course, they never do anything right either." The man who has many ideas, who tries to do many things, is likely, percentage wise, to do many things wrong and to make many mistakes.  But if he has a good sense, if his actions and decisions are based on first getting all the facts pros and cons, he doesn't make the mistakes and he does things right.

    "If you don't try you can't fail.  You can't make good either." If your fear of being wrong binds you to mediocrity and lack of achievement, you will remain mediocre and far below your potential.

    Making the grade demands certain personal attributes as well as opportunity.  You may not have control over opportunity, but you can do somehing about your attributes.  Their development has in thousands of cases also created opportunities which didn't exist before.

1.  Learn to use others intelligently.

The only reason why the president of your company isn't doing everything himself is that he can only do so much.  That's why he has vice-presidents, superintendents, department heads, supervisors/ foreman and workers.  They are your assistants too.  Don't be afraid to use them.  Every staff man is there to give expert advice and information in his field.

Are you trying to figure out a way to keep certain records?  Ask the accountants.  They know how to set up record-keeping systems.  Are you trying to work out a gadget or jig or small fixture?  Sure, you have brains, but the engineering department might have just the answer.

Why not do what successful executives do?  Get others, including your own subordinates to help you.  As much as possible, try to delegate responsibilities to others.

2.  Learn to make decisions only after you have all the facts based on the questions what, where, why, who, and how.

These are the foundation stones on which the ability to think clearly is built.  Get all these facts, build the decesions on them.  Make it and relax.  It will probably be right.

3.   Learn to express yourself clearly in both written and spoken form.

There is no value to an idea unless it can be expressed.  What good are your brains if you are mediocre at letting others know what your ideas are;  what good are ideas unless you can pass them on?

4.   Learn to put things on paper because if you are normal your "forgettory" is just about as good as your "memory."

Put ideas down on little pieces of paper.  Save them, and once a day or each week go over them.  Throw away those which are impractical.  Write up in detail those which should be developed.

5.   Most successful men use "common sense supervision."

They sense that others want the same thing they themselves want and they give it to them.  Why not try it?

  • Don't you want to be recognized as a man, a real man who is worthy of the respect of others?  So do your men.

  • You don't like people who are "wise guys" and sarcastic.  Neither do your men.

  • You like it when your superiors are courteous and go out their way to be tactful when they have to call a "boner" to your attention.  So do your men.

  • You get a lift when your boss says, "Well, Steve, you go right ahead and work on it.  I'll back you up".  So will your men.

  • You have faith in a boss who cracks down hard when it is deserved but who will if necessary go clear to the president and fight for you if he thinks you are right.  So will your men.

These seem to be the five major attributes of successful men.  Develop them for yourself.

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