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Is Your Cell Phone Controlling You?

Published by erbiecastle in Technology · 26/1/2014 21:40:27
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    Cell Phones, you gotta have one.  Yes, you do.  But does it rule your life?  Cell phones are cheap (nowadays) and extremely handy.  They allow you to do things out of the office or work and make it easy for people to contact you.

    So watch what you do with them, certainly.  Make calls while out of the office or on the way to another place.  It's a device in handy to confirm orders, coordinate actions, set appointments, and so on.  Cell phones allow you to maximize your time away from the office in ways we could not do before.

    But also don't let the phone rings all the time.  All cellphone services come with voice mail (be sure you have this service). So let that call go to voice mail rather allowing it to interrupt your meeting or conversation, or ruin your concentration.  Of course, unless it's emergency.

If you don't have one, get one.  If it's for business purposes, it can be used as a business expense with your taxes.  Make use of it to allow greater productivity during times out of the office or work.  Get more from the time you have available using mobile devices.

    Although a cell phone will save you time and make you more efficient, it can also take over you life.  Who knows your Cell Phone number?  Do you give your cell phone mumber to everyone?  If so, you are giving them license to steal time from you.  They'll call you at all hours, at the most inconvenient times, when you can least afford the time to take their calls.

    A very good business practice is to limit the people to whom you give your cell phone number to those who are most important people or contacts.  Don't let just anybody call you.  Control who has access to you via your cell phone.  That way, when the phone rings, you know it's someone important to you.  The best way is to make certain ring tones for each important contacts and put non-important into silent or quiet ring tones or what ever music you want as long as it doesn't annoys you.

   If you are a more concervative type of person and doesn't like to be disturb.  Don't ever put your cell phone number on business cards or other materials that everyone has access to.  Make having your cell phone number a privilege, not a right.  Keep that number for people you want to hear from.

    You can waste a lot of time on phone calls from people you really did not need to hear from at times when you needed to concentrate on other tasks.  You take control of that phone, don't give up control to others.

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