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Seatbelts Save Lives!

Published by erbiecastle in Safety · 27/4/2014 15:42:03
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According to Transport Canada statistics, the proper use of eat belts can help reduce motor vehicle fatalities.  The 7% of Canadians not wearing seat belts account for almost 40% of fatalities in vehicle collisions.  Seat belts save about 1,000 lives a year in Canada.  That's why all drivers and passengers are required to buckle up whenever the vehicle is in motion!

Tips for Proper Seatbelt Usage

  • Buckle the seat belt, making sure the latch clicks firmly into place.

  • Adjust the lap belt so that it fits snugly across your hips and not your abdomen.

  • Make sure the shoulder belt retracts so that it fits snugly across your chest and over your shoulder.

  • Never wear your shoulder belt under your arm.  In a collision, your upper body will pivot forward and your head will strike the vehicle interior.  The belt will press into your abdomen and likely cause serious or even fatal injuries to internal organs.

  • If you're pregnant, take extra care when adjusting your seat belt.  Sit upright as you can, and wear the lap belt under your abdomen and as low over the hips as possible.  The shoulder strap should go between your breast and off to the side above your belly.

  • The seat belts are less effective if they are not properly fitted.  Bulky winter clothing or large body types can pose a particular risk.  Always try to place the lap belt below the bottom edge or fold of a winter jacket or below the lowest part of your belly so that it sits closer to the lap than to the belly button.

  • The shoulder belt found in the front seat can be adjusted in height to improve the fit.

Reference: Transport Canada (

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