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10 Steps to Better Digestion

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10 Steps to Better Digestion

  The digestive system begins with the mouth and ends with the rectum, some 36 feet later!  It is a highly organized and efficiently-run system.  And it is forgiving up to a point.

    Eventually your indiscretions will seek you out in the form of digestive disorders.  Most common problems are easily rectified with changes of dietery habits or lifestyles.  Start by 'digesting' these points.  Here's the 10 steps:

1.  Chew slowly and thoroughly. Digestion commences in the mouth and many problems start when this vital steps is ignored.

2.  Eat only when hungry.  never overeat.

3.  Do not eat when tired, tense, or upset.

4.  Do not eat late at night.

5.  Eat five small meals during day rather than three big ones.

6.  Do not eat raw foods with a cooked meal.

7.  Cut down on alcohol, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

8.  Eat plenty of natural fiber each day.  In the form of fresh fruit and vegetable, whole grain bread, and cereals.

9.  Avoid white bread; limit consumption of cakes, biscuits, and sweets.

10.  Enjoy what you eat!

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